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Best Assignment Writing Services

No student enjoys writing homework, but we are all aware how important these assignments are for the overall academic success. As any other student, you must be wondering “how can I get my assignment written without wasting my time?” The first thought that comes to your mind is asking for help from your friends, but you are surely aware of the fact that everyone is just as busy as you are. 

Instead of ruining your friendships, you should be thinking “I’ll hire a professional, but affordable service to do my assignment.” Of course, you cannot choose a random website when you need assignment help. Students from UK, for example, need to rely on companies that focus on that particular market and can meet their requirements. 

These are some of the services you can always trust when it comes to ordering assignments online:

1.   Essay Writing Service Picture
You’ll find this website on any top list of Australian assignment writing companies. This is a reliable service that delivers outstanding quality, but offers affordable prices and great discounts for students on budget. The ordering procedure is very convenient, so you won’t waste your time with unnecessary complications. 

The company is focused on completing homework tasks and other types of assignments for Aussie students. You can order academic content on any subject and rest assured that it will be completed by a writer with a suitable postgraduate degree.

Prices: If you want to order a case study at this website, you’ll pay between A$20.99 and A$52.99 per page, depending on the quality and deadline you set. A lab report comes with affordable quotes from A$22.99 to A$69.99 per page. .

Usability: The ordering process is very simple, and all needed information is transparently featured at the website. You won’t face any difficulties when placing an order at

Customer support: The easiest way to get immediate answers is to use the live chat feature, but you can also get assistance via email or phone. The customer support representatives attend all customers with no delays.

2.   Essay Writing Service Picture
If you’ve been searching for premium writing services, then you’ve surely heard of – an established company with influential presence in the industry. is a section of this company, focused on the special needs of Australian students. It hires Aussie writers who are aware of the specific standards of the universities in this country. The qualifications and expertise of the writing team are the greatest reasons behind the large percentage of returning customers. 

You can rely on this website whenever you need a case study, programming assistance, PowerPoint presentation, statistics project, and other type of assignment.  

Prices: The company has set flexible prices for different assignment writing services. For example, a case study is priced between A$25.64 and A$71.81 per page, whereas lab reports are provided with prices from A$30.77 to A$92.33 per page. Programming assistance is also available as a service, with quotes from A$128.24 to A$192.36.  

Usability: The simplistic website is very easy to navigate. You won’t encounter any flashy features, which is always a good thing for students who want to place orders without much fuss. The policies are transparently provided, so you can read all information you need before placing the order.   

Customer support: The online chat feature is available 24/7, but the customer support agents can also be reached via phone and email.

      3.   Essay Writing Service Picture – a prestigious writing service that offers all types of academic products of highest quality. At this website, you can hire native Australian writers who cover topics that fall under their expertise. 

The company is characterized with great professionalism. The writers always complete the projects on time, regardless of their urgency. It doesn’t matter what type of assignment you want to order and what deadline you intend to set; you can always expect the highest level of quality when relying on In addition to the commonly requested projects, this company also includes online assignments and simulation reports in its list of services.  

Prices: If you want to order a case study, you will be charged from A$20.99 to A$52.99 per page. Lab reports are slightly more expensive, but still affordable: from A$22.99 to A$69.99 depending on the quality and deadline you choose. The price range for programming services is A$119.99 - A$249.48.

Usability: is one of the cleanest and most responsive websites in the custom-writing industry. The process of placing an order takes only minutes, and you will be able to monitor the entire progress of your assignment. 

Customer support: The friendly agents are always available via online chat and phone. The company provides phone numbers for Australian, UK, and US customers. 

      4.   Essay Writing Service Picture

This is another service that maintains flawless reputation in the custom-writing industry. Although it is an international company, it also hires native Aussie writers who are paired with customers who specifically ask for their qualifications. The affordable prices are combined with great discounts that add to the cost-effectiveness. If you decide to order an assignment at, you will be protected with a satisfaction guarantee that ensures the highest level of quality, convenience, and support. 

Among the many products listed in the range of services, you’ll also find case study, lab report, statistics/math/physics/economics problems, multiple choice questions, presentation, and more. 

Prices: The prices for case studies are very affordable: from A$28.30 to A$74.37 per page. If you want to order a lab report, you will be charged from A$25.64 to A$75.65 per page, depending on the deadline you set. 

Usability: Although the website has many features, it’s still functional and easy to use. The ordering process is very effective, and the company’s guarantees will ensure your ultimate satisfaction. 

Customer support: Potential and current customers can contact the representatives via live chat, but the company also offers support via email and US toll free number.

      5.   Essay Writing Service Picture
This company attracts many students with the great features, affordable prices and awesome discount program that ensures a cost-effective service. Australian customers can request a native Aussie writer to take care of their projects, so you shouldn’t avoid this website when searching for an assignment writing service specialized for your educational system. In addition to the usual writing services (such as essays, lab reports, case studies, and other types of products), you can also get homework assistance for an affordable price. 

Prices: This is one of the most prestigious services in the industry, but it still offers affordable prices for its services. Thus, a case study will cost you from A$28.20 to A$70.52; and lab reports are priced from A$25.64 to A$75.65 per page.

Usability: Students who don’t want to spend much time with the ordering procedure will be pleased with the effectiveness of The policies of the company are transparent, so you won’t have to contact a representative from the customer support to get the answers you need. 

Customer support: You can get in touch with the agents by using the online chat feature, which is available 24/7. In addition, the company also provides email and US toll-free number as contact options.     

How Sustainability Will Revolutionize Capitalism

As an economic system, capitalism generated disturbing social inequalities responsible for the inadequate distribution of political power throughout the world. At the same time, this system has created influential corporations that undermine the foundational principles of parliamentary democracy. The unstoppable growth of corporations, cities, and states that exploit the scarce natural resources is one of the main causes of the erosion of our ecosystem. Sustainability is a concept powerful enough to revolutionize our society and restore the balance in the environmental, economic, social, and political systems. The philosophy and methods of sustainability are aimed towards meeting the basic needs of all people on our planet, eliminating poverty, and avoiding further damage to natural resources by exploiting renewable power from our environment. The concept of sustainability has a great power to revolutionize capitalism.

The International Union of Geological Sciences hasn’t officially approved the term anthropocene for the epoch that began when people started impacting the Earth’s ecosystems and geology with their activities. However, the term quite clearly describes the changes civilized nations have made to the environment. In the myth of Gilgamesh, we see how Gilgamesh and Enkidu cut down the trees of a beautiful Cedar Forest with the goal to make a great city and achieve fame. From ancient times, it seems like people have made peace with their “anthropocenic nature” – their ability to influence the environment and adjust it to their own wishes.

People thought that great cities would provide them with more comfortable life, and the capitalistic society would enable them to achieve great professional and economic success. Nevertheless, a great percentage of the urban population is limited in meeting the basic needs. We may have money, but we don’t have access to entirely healthy, natural food and fresh air. People in great cities may have finances and potential for professional growth, but they are aware that the capitalistic system is one of the factors responsible for the poverty of others. Currently, the world is facing two great challenges. We need to create a social system that will prevent further erosion of our environment, and we need to find an alternative economic model that will bring justice in the world. Sustainability is the answer.

The most negative implications of capitalism arise from globalization, which enabled political and economic elites to rule the world and influence people to great extent. As a result, people from capitalistic societies have lost the sense to identify their real needs and meet them without disrupting the ecosystem. Their needs are designed in a way imposed by the interests of giant capitalistic corporations. According to the philosophy of sustainability, the economy should be reduced according to the principle of regionalization. Instead of obtaining resources from corporations and great industries, small communities should recognize their own needs and meet them with their own production, in a way that will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability is a promising concept that can solve many issues the world is currently struggling with. However, it needs great support and investments from national governments. Due to the fact that the governments of capitalist societies are committed to agreements with the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund, those are the two institutions where the changes should begin. In such circumstances, sustainability seems like a mission that’s almost impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, it is the most logical and promising solution to the problems that arose from capitalism and globalization.

The Evolution of Leadership: Classical Vs. Contemporary Leadership Styles

The dynamical development of our society is determined by the activity of leaders in different social and business areas. Every aspect of human society has been marked by distinguished people, who gave another dimension to its development through innovations, motivation, organization, and other aspects of effective leadership. The style of leadership is a way of establishing relationships between the leader and the other members of the organization. A leader relies on specific techniques to direct the behavior of his followers. The classical leadership theory distinguishes three styles, depending on the motivational approach of the leader – coercion or incentives. The contemporary leadership theory, on the other hand, recognizes the flexibility of the leader, who changes his style depending on the given situation.

The main criteria we use for distinguishing leadership styles include: the way a leader motivates the followers; the way a leader makes decisions; the leader’s flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations, and the sources of power used for influencing the followers. The universal qualities and attributes that distinguish great leaders include: intelligence, competence to deal with complex tasks, accepting responsibility, action-oriented judgment, exceptional skills to deal with problems and people, decisiveness, and capacity to motivate people.

Based on the way the leader motivates people (through coercion or incentives), the classical theory of leadership distinguishes three styles: authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership. An authoritarian leader brings the decisions alone. He does not trust his employees and uses coercion to motivate them to do their job. His influence is based on formal authority, which can lead to dissatisfaction, turn-over, and absenteeism within the organization (Gastil, 1994). The democratic leadership style is characterized by greater involvement of subordinates in decision-making, as well as confidence in their ability to take part of the responsibility in the decision-making process. A democratic leader delegates authority and allows the employees to participate in the decision-making processes. The laissez-faire leadership style is characterized by full involvement of all employees, who feel free to discuss all issues with the leader.

The strict classifications of the classical theory of leadership are ineffective when applied to contemporary leadership styles. According to the contingent theory, the leader’s style should be flexible and adjusted to the specific situations. Fiedler’s contingency model (Fiedler and Garcia, 1987) determines stress as the key factor of leader effectiveness. The other factors that influence a leader’s style include: the requirements of the task; the qualities, expectations, and behavior of the employees, and the organizational culture and policies. When the leader adjusts his style in accordance with the evolving circumstances, he is able to improve his performance, as well as the influence he has on the followers.

There are almost as many definitions and types of leadership as there are leaders in the world. A leader is mainly a person who is able to think and take innovative actions regardless of the ways his industry has changed. The leadership style is determined by the individual’s qualities and actions. Thus, the classical styles of leadership cannot be taken exclusively. A great contemporary leader adjusts his decisions according to the given situations, but he is also flexible with his leadership style (Wright, 1996). The modern leadership styles are based on the leader’s assessment and conscious behavior that is good for the particular situation.

Assignment Writing Tips

The thing that makes assignment writing so difficult is the versatility of the different tasks students get. There is not a single assignment definition they can be guided by; each professor has different requirements and expects you to follow them to details. In order to understand what is an assignment, you have to pay attention to the particular course and all lectures your professor gives.
These practical tips will help you develop a better approach towards homework assignments:
  • Always think of the purpose of your project. Is it supposed to describe a given topic, research and elaborate different points of view, compare and contrast different aspects, or provide a solution to a given problem?
  • Never start writing a project before brainstorming for ideas. After that, you can create an assignment template that will easily guide you through the different stages of writing.
  • If you see successful student assignment examples, you will get inspired to write your own content. However, you have to be careful not to fall into the plagiarism trap. Your assignment has to be unique!
  • Research the topic as thoroughly as possible. When you have enough knowledge, you gain the confidence to express it with your own words. Your research should not be based solely on online sources; make sure to include newspapers, journals, books, lecture notes, interviews, and other reliable sources.
  • If you organize your time well, you will surely finish the assignment before the deadline.
The most important thing to remember is that you can always rely on assignment writing services if you struggle with a particular project. Never risk your grades by failing to submit a great assignment on time. If you hire the assistance of real professionals, your investment will inevitably lead to higher appreciation of your efforts and better grades.